1 noun
1 LEGS (C) the upper part of your legs when you are sitting down: Come and sit on my lap, Ginny.
2 RACE (C) one journey around or along a running track, race course etc: Hill finished a lap ahead of his team-mate. | do/run/swim a lap: Come on, let's do a few laps in the pool. | lap of honour BrE | victory lap AmE (=a lap that you do after winning)
3 PART OF JOURNEY (singular) a part of a long journey: The last lap of their journey was by ship.
4 in the lap of luxury having an easy, comfortable life with plenty of money, possessions etc
5 in the lap of the gods if the result of something is in the lap of the gods, you do not know what will happen
6 drop/dump sth in sb's lap spoken to make someone responsible for dealing with something difficult: Ben just dumped all this work in my lap and told me to get on with it.
2 verb
1 SEA/RIVER/LAKE (I, T) if water laps something or laps against something such as the shore or a boat, it moves against it or hits it in small waves
(+ against): The water of the lake lapped gently against the rocks.
2 DRINK (I, T) if an animal laps something, it drinks it by making small tongue movements
a) (T) to pass a competitor in a race after having completed a whole lap more than they have: Casey gave up after being lapped twice.
b) (I) to make a single journey around a track, race course etc in a particular time
4 PARTLY COVER (I, T) technical if one thing laps another, a part of one covers part of the other; overlap 1
5 FOLD/WRAP (transitive always + adv/prep) literary to fold or wrap something around something else
- lapping noun (U) lap sth up phrasal verb (T)
1 to get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from something, without worrying about whether it is good, true etc: She seems to be lapping up all the attention she's getting. | They sat listening to his story, spellbound, lapping it up.
2 to drink all of something eagerly

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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